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Hi and welcome!

Cali Chic Patterns was inspired from my passion to design and share knit and crochet blanket patterns that have a decidedly chic and somewhat European style.

Moreover, I wanted to introduce patterns that contain “detail” yet remain simple and easy to understand so fun and success would be the experience, every time.

Blankets, baby blankets and throws for the home, don’t have to be a scary project with confusing edging instructions. I want to share with everyone how simple and easy blanket patterns can be resulting in gorgeous creations you can give proudly as gifts or treasure yourself.

Now with my second product line, Cali Couture Patterns, I am creating knit and crochet patterns for women’s accessories that have an intended fashionable yet casual California style. Cali Couture will feature scarves, cowls, gloves and even some projects for the home.

Growing up in Tokyo, I’ve studied and practiced knitting and crocheting since I was a teen. It is truly my passion. I LOVE colors and yarn inspires me with possibility every time I pick up a skein of some wonderful texture and beautiful color hue.

I hope my creations inspire you too and you experience only success and joy making them yourself for your own family and special friends.

♥ Kyoko

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