Changing Yarn Colors on Crochet DC Stitch

Here I offer a short tutorial on changing yarn color, using the Cali Chic Patterns Teddy Bear pattern #58. The example shown applies to any pattern using a double crochet stitch where a new yarn color is being introduced.

Step 1
When row finishes with 2 dc, on second dc you will complete “HALF” the stitch and stop, saving the last yarn over for introducing the NEW white yarn.
Changing Yarn Colors

Step 2
Don’t just drop your brown yarn! Take the brown yarn color and wrap over the crochet hook and hold.
Changing Yarn Colors

Step 3
While holding brown yarn string as shown, bring in NEW white yarn color and pull through entire stitches on crochet hook, completing the row.
Changing Yarn Colors

Step 4
Then, start your chain 3 for next row, and turn. Note by holding the brown yarn previously it is nicely secured close to the body for use again later with less “gap.”
Changing Yarn Colors

Crochet Hook Size Guide

Chart of English / Metric crochet hook sizes

Millimeter Size Crochet Hook Number Crochet Hook Letter
2.25 mm 1 B
2.75 mm 2 C
3.25 mm 3 D
3.5 mm 4 E
3.75 mm 5 F
4.00 mm 6 G
4.50 mm 7
5.00 mm 8 H
5.50 mm 9 I
6.00 mm 10 J
6.50 mm 10.5 K
8.00 mm 11 L
9.00 mm 13 M
10.0 mm 15 N
11.5 mm 16 P
15.0 mm 19 P/Q
16.0 mm Q
19.0 mm 35 S
25.0 mm 50